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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey there, fellow shoppers and our beloved readers, this is Sudipto, your shopping companion, guide and a fellow technology lover. I welcome you to my short Bio.

I’m an affiliate marketer, budding Entrepreneur and also a Bachelor’s degree student. Being the founder of LyfUrban© and a couple of other online ventures; technology has been a great field of passion and requirement for me; it has always inspired me to dig deep and explore new ideas. LyfUrban.com is dedicated for this love of technology.

Our story

At LyfUrban.com we are Passionate about just anything techy, from handheld gadgets like Hair dryers, trimmers to daily Household utility machines like refrigerators, washing machines; we analyze them all.

We are a team of hyper-enthusiastic technology geeks who came together to quench their thirst of exploring new technologies and products, by carrying out thorough, in-depth product analysis and competition research and share it with our beloved readers.

Our Editorial Team is constantly striving to provide you the most Un-biased & In-depth analysis of products to help you choose among the best, market can offer.

How Exactly Do we Analyse Products ?

We are extremely enthusiastic to analyse, research and review new products from every important aspect to give you an in-depth picture of user-experience. We consider several important aspects while analyzing and reviewing Products to bring out the right choice for you:

The Features of a product is the most important point in our checklist before we write a review on it. It Influences the usability and efficiency of a product being one of the biggest deciding factors for consumers, when it comes to choosing the right product which suits their needs.

The Build quality of a product defines brand value & impacts the user experience to a huge extent. A Premium Build quality with proper handling enhances user-experience and dramatically expands a product’s lifecycle, letting you extract more juice out of it over the time.

This is an ultimate point of assurity any buyer can ask for, and hence one of our top most criteria for reviewing a product. Consumer experiences in the form of reviews and ratings gives you the most in-depth and genuine study of the product in a more clear and trustable form of picture.

A Product is mostly defined by its features, build quality and user experience, however the pricing of a product can definitely change the game. Pricing plays a very important role, specially in a competitive market with exceptionally high demand and thus plays a subjective role; influencing us to consider it as an important factor.

This defines a brand’s reputation and dedication towards its customers serving as an important factor to consider, before we recommend any product to our readers.

A Product cannot be solely judged on its own terms, so we make sure to improvise proper market and competition-product research before we come to any conclusion, to help you choose the best of what the market has to offer.

An Amazing world of delight with unlimited new technologies, gadgets, and opportunities is waiting for you, to try your hands on. So what are you waiting for ? Dive in.

Sudipto Sen